Teacher Standards of Competency


The Upper Valley Educators Institute teacher internship program believes that great teaching is based upon mastery of a core set of teaching competencies that can be both articulated and documented. Our competencies are based on the National InTASC Standards for Leearner Development. These core teaching standards outline what all teachers across all content and grade levels should know and be able to do to be effective in today's learning contexts.  In addition to demonstrating competency, candidates must meet the participation requirements of their internship, in seminars, in practicums, and through individualized learning modules.

1  Understanding how learners develop

2  Understanding and responding to learning differences

3  Fostering safe and productive learning environments

4  Understanding the content of the discipline

5  Applying content knowledge

6  Assessing student learning

7  Planning for instruction

8  Engaging students in learning

9  Engaging in professional learning

10  Collaborating with colleagues